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Crime flurry worries Outer Sunset residents

It’s always surf’s up in the Outer Sunset, but residents are not so happy to see crime rates up, too.

Crime rates in the neighborhood have been increasing since mid-February, especially with daytime home break-ins, KTVU reports. The district’s police captain said suspects ring doorbells to test if anyone is home. If no one answers, they break in.

SFBay used San Francisco Crime Maps, a site that tracks crime around The City, and compared crimes from the beginning of the year until now. We found only a slight increase of one percent in crime beginning in February.

One recent incident took place Saturday, when four suspects allegedly broke into Sunset Shapers surfboard shop at 3896 Noriega Street.

According to the Ocean Beach Bulletin, the suspects allegedly stole eight surfboards. They were later caught with the help of neighbors, and also because one of the suspects forgot a wallet at the crime scene.

Mollusk Surf Shop, also located in the Outer Sunset, experienced its own burglary in October. Luckily the thief was caught, but news of what happened at Sunset Shapers has made manager Julie Cox “a little nervous.”

But recent reports of crime, Cox told SFBay that she feels there is a strong sense of community in the neighborhood:

“Everyone seems to watch out for each other.”

Even so, some residents are still weary of the traffic — and trouble — that comes in from Golden Gate Park.

A 76 gas station on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and La Playa Street has experienced an increase in criminal activity, reported KTVU. Recent crimes include an alleged drug deal and a change machine that was broken into a little more than two weeks ago.

Both crimes were caught on tape.

SFBay spoke to David Ruffman, an Outer Sunset resident, who said while he wasn’t aware of the increase in crime, he has noticed suspicious activity.

Ruffman has lived in the Sunset since November, and recalled a time when he left his gate open while working with a Comcast service person. Two men wandered in and asked him for spare change. He described them as looking homeless.

Ruffman also said the 7-Eleven on 46th and Judah Streets is a popular hangout for transients.

Another Outer Sunset resident, Juliana Deans, said tries to get to know her neighbors so they can watch out for each other.

And though she mostly sees people stumbling around drunk at late hours, Deans told SFBay she doesn’t feel threatened:

“I haven’t seen any action. I feel safe.”

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