Tiny Golden Gate Park door vanishes


The magical “elf door” in Golden Gate Park that captured everyone’s imagination has disappeared just as mysteriously as its arrived.

Richmond SF Blog editor Sarah Bacon got a huge shock Monday night when she finally decided to see the adorable door in person. Instead of being greeted by the door’s whimsy, she was struck by the sight of the tree sans the door.

That’s right folks, the magical door was removed.

After Bacon recovered from the shock, she gave The Atlantic Cities her two cents:

“Let me edit myself, and say thanks for killing my whimsy.”

No one knows for sure who or what destroyed the mini door from the elm tree in Golden Gate Park’s concourse, but the vandal also took most of the notes and offerings people left for the mystical creature that called this tree home.

Only a few items were left, reports Richmond SF Blog:

“All that remained were a couple of notes (“Is the fairy tooth real? Love, Viviana,” “Dear Elves, Hi my name is Becky I would like to know if you can predict the future?”), twigs and a pencil.”

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