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Tommy Toy’s serves its final course

Almost one year ago, one of San Francisco’s oldest and most beloved Chinese restaurants, Sam Wo, closed its doors.

And Saturday, another one bit the dust.

Tommy Toy’s, known for dishing fancy-shmancy Chinese food with French flair, closes its doors after more than 27 years. During its heyday, the opulent dining room, located at 655 Montgomery St., served San Francisco socialites and celebs like Francis Ford Coppola and Clint Eastwood.

Politicians like Dianne Feinstein and Willie Brown also dined upon the restaurant’s signature seafood bisque served in a coconut.

But due to changing tastes, Tommy Toy’s old school opulence has fallen a bit out of vogue. One recent Yelp review from Lindsay L. summed it up well:

“Overall, it just seemed like the decor, menu, concept, and waiter who repeats exactly the same corny joke table by table, course by course, had not been revisited over the past 20 years.”

Pair that with some lease issues, and we’ve got ourselves a stinker.

Alon Yu, Tommy Toy’s longtime partner and restaurant cofounder, has carried on the business after Toy’s death in 2008. He told Inside Scoop SF:

“It’s an end of an era.”

Last month saw the closing of Masa’s, another San Francisco fine dining establishment, after a 30-year run.

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