Eight-year-old on field trip shot with arrow


Who would have thought a wholesome elementary school field trip would result in a getting shot with an arrow from an unidentified source?

Certainly not the unassuming 8-year-old girl who was nailed in the leg by a 28-inch spear whilst sitting on a model of a whale outside of the Lawrence Hall of Science near UC Berkeley.

While it was an excellent lesson in applied classical mechanics, it’s doubtful the girl appreciated the demonstration.

The injury, while bizarre, was non-life-threatening. The reportedly calm but injured tyke was taken to Children’s Hospital in Oakland with the arrow still lodged in her thigh, UC Berkeley police Capt. Steve Roderick told the Chron.

Roderick said it was unclear whether the girl was intentionally used as target practice or it was an accident, but it definitely didn’t appear to be associated with any experiments or demonstrations with the Hall of Science.

Investigators are analyzing the arrow’s trajectory to figure out where it came from. Based on the length of the arrow, it is assumed that the shooter was an “average adult,” although we aren’t convinced there is anything average about this sort of behavior.

For now, the brave girl has fodder for an excellent story to tell in the future, as well as serious points for holding it together during a totally freak injury.

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