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Recology wants to hike trash collecting fees

One man’s trash is another business’s treasure. Recology is doing some serious trash talking and may leave many San Francisco residents with a heavier price to pay.

The San Francisco garbage company is asking to raise residents’ rates by 21.5 percent before the end of this year to cover the increased cost of recycling and composting. Currently, costs only cover what is inside the black trash bins.

Recology originally asked for a 23.75 percent increase in December but a final draft was revised and submitted Thursday.

The proposed price increases will vary depending on how often a resident receives services but the average family could experience a $6.60 increase, according to Rachel Gordon, spokeswoman for the San Francisco Department of Public Works.

Gordan also said that more residents are switching to smaller trash bins, which is resulting in more composting and recycling. While it helps out the environment it is burning a hole in pocketbooks.

Recology said the proposed costs will cover the increasing costs of labor and fuel. The higher rates will also fund a new waste system that will help divert from landfills.

Discounts will be issued to continue recycling and composting for apartment buildings. Additionally, switching from a 32 gallon trash bin to 25 gallons could lower rates from an estimated $34.51 per month to $25.13.

A workshop will be held Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at City Hall for any information regarding proposed rate increases.

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