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Former Medjool space opens its doors to homeless vets

Readerland, you have no idea how upset I was when restaurant-come-nightspot Medjool closed.

The once-poppin’ venue at 2522 Mission St. had exceptional food, tasty cocktails and a roof deck for you to become “close friends” with strangers you never planned to see again

It was the first place I visited when I moved to the city, and it played host to many “interesting” Saturday nights–and for those of you that know what made them interesting, please, keep those stories under lock and key.

So sad was the day that Medjool closed its doors a year ago and forced us to look for delicious food and frenzy elsewhere; you know, despite a new eatery opening up in its place. But now, that upstairs deck space is set to re-open, and for a good cause: Housing homeless veterans.

The Chronicle reports this weekend vets will begin moving into the space at 2524 Mission St. as the latest part of a campaign to give more homeless veterans a place to rest their heads.

Remember when you used to trot up the stairs separating the club and rooftop patio, and you’d be corralled by those friendly “only-in-town-for-one-night” types that were supposedly posted up at a hostel next-door?

Yep, that’ll be the veteran hotel from now on. Or, at least for the next couple of years.

The five-year lease, held by the Mission Housing Development Corporation, will allow vets to live in the building using housing vouchers. Money collected from the vouchers will be used to pay building owner Gus Murad.

Currently, 32 housing vouchers have been approved, including 30 studio spaces and two one-bedroom spaces. Plans to house a resident manager, social worker and 24-hour desk staff are also in the works.

And last but not least, Medjool’s 1,000 square foot roof deck will be used as community meeting space for the veterans.



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