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Woman arrested after police find tot’s remains

A modern day version of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” played out for Seaside police this week when a guilty conscience led a woman to confess to the murder of an infant child.

The baby’s body, according to the 39-year-old woman, had been hiding for almost two years — you guessed it — underneath her house.

According to detectives, Jennifer Cecilia Warren arrived at the Seaside police station at around 3 p.m. on Friday to report suspicious activity in her neighborhood. But as the questioning process unfolded, so did Warren’s composure.

She was distraught and admitted that she needed to confess a longheld secret, police said.

Her story led authorities to search her house on the 1200 block of Judson Street, where they found the body of a newborn baby in a crawl space under her house. The remains, which are in an advanced state of decomposition, was held in a plastic storage bin.

Seaside Police Department Detective Fred Carlin told KSBW-TV:

“It was decomposed to the point that it wasn’t even recognizable.”

Police have not released the baby’s age or sex, nor confirmed if Warren is the mother. However, neighbors told KSBW-TV they don’t recall the Monterey Peninsula College student ever being pregnant.

Warren was arrested Friday night and charged with first-degree murder. Her boyfriend lives at the same residence, though he is currently not a suspect, police said.

Warren’s bail is set at $1 million.

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