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Bay Area freaks out over mild snow predictions

New Yorkers everywhere are laughing today if they happen to hear the news about Mt. Tamalpais.

Apparently, snow lightly dusted the famous Bay Area peak and melted before anything else happened.

Meanwhile, the East Coast waited a week for the snow from Blizzard Nemo to melt. Even now, I swear I could take a picture of small bricks of the stuff still attached to the bases of trees.

KTVU described Winter Storm Q, the storm barreling down on the Bay that brought heavy rains and caused the peak to be graced with flakes, to possess “blizzard-like conditions.”

It’s like they didn’t even see East Coasters shoveling their cars out of the snow or heard the harsh revving of the car engines in the early work hours of the morning as residents tried to free their vehicles.

So far, in addition to the Marin mountain, Mt. Diablo and Mt. Hamilton got some snow as well.

A winter storm warning is in effect for the North Bay and the mountains along the coast.

A puny 1-2 inches of snow is possible for places in which the altitude of 2,000 to 2,500 feet. Around 3 to 5 inches is possible for higher elevations, according to the local weather service.

San Francisco International Airport also joined the freak-out party with a warning that stated flights could be delayed or canceled if the storm plays out.

More reasonably, the weather service stated that rainfall and thunderstorms would continue into the night.

Speaking as a Californian who got her first big taste of winter in the Concrete Jungle, be ready to put that California wardrobe aside, folks. Hoodies won’t save you now.

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