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Giants put World Series ring on Melky’s finger

Months after being suspended for a failed drug test and embarrassing cover-up, Melky Cabrera is a long-gone afterthought in the Giants clubhouse.

But he’s still thinking about them. And for good reason: Melky wants a World Series ring.

Cabrera arrived with his new team at Spring Training in Dunedin, Fla. today and was chirpy about his abrupt exit with the Giants last August, tweets baseball writer Danny Knobler:

The Giants had the option of bringing Cabrera back for the playoffs when his 50-game performance enhancing drug suspension ended, but they chose to leave him off the 25-man active roster.

Despite the suspension and the fact that he did not play in the postseason, he qualified for a full playoff share from the Giants.

The Melk Man was a fan favorite, but he kneed them in the groin with his cheating and cheesy fake website. More than anything, Cabrera betrayed his teammates, and they might not had voted him a full playoff share if the Giants didn’t have to award him one.

Cabrera doesn’t deserve and shouldn’t have been given a full playoff share. He forfeited his claim to any rewards from the Giants’ success when he put himself ahead of the team.

As for the World Series ring, he doesn’t deserve one either:

Despite not deserving one, the Giants apparently have Cabrera’s ring size and are prepping up a World Series ring for him according to Chronicle beatwriter Henry Schulman.

The Blue Jays are coming to San Francisco on June 4, so if the Giants wanted to give Cabrera a ring, they have a perfect opportunity.

But given how he burned the Giants and their fans, they might want to give it to him in a brown paper bag in the tunnel, not on the field before the game.

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