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Reports of guns, drugs land CEO in jail

Even with the plethora of experimental sex consensually enjoyed inside’s Mission District headquarters, things may have gone a bit out of bounds one recent Friday night. CEO Peter Acworth was arrested on drug charges about 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 1 by police investigating social media accounts of guns being fired inside the former Armory building at Mission and 14th, according to a report from reports police who arrived on scene discovered a “makeshift” shooting range, but not enough evidence of firearms to make an arrest.

SFPD Public Information Officer Albie Esparaza told’s Adrien Chen:

“Someone posted a video online and this person reported it to the police, and they located an indoor shooting range, sort of a makeshift.”

Police did find enough drug evidence to arrest Acworth on one count of cocaine possession and one count of delaying arrest. Another man was also arrested and charged with delaying arrest.

Acworth’s empire has been fueled by greater acceptance and openness surrounding sexual fetishes, including BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism), role-playing and, well, just about anything else.

Even for those with vigorous sexual imaginations, venturing beyond the entry page of could expose you to sex acts and situations you probably hadn’t expected.

For a fee, offers facilities and performers for people to act out — and film — sexual fantasies transcending just about any paradigm. One performer contacted by Gawker, though, said he was unaware of any videos involving live firearms.

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