‘Two-Buck Chuck’ jumps up half a buck


It is a sober day for college students and cheap winos throughout the Golden State.

Trader Joe’s “Two-Buck Chuck,” the grocery chain’s infamous $1.99 Charles Shaw wine, is now just a fond and drunken memory.

Californians should expect to shell out $2.49 for a 750 ml bottle — the first price increase for the vino since its debut more than a decade ago.

Nationwide, states like Ohio are already paying up to $3.79 for a bottle. California was the final holdout at the namesake two-dollar price point.

Trader Joe’s spokesperson Alison Mochizuki said the chain’s retail prices change only when costs do:

“We’ve held a $1.99 retail price for 11 years. Quite a bit has happened during those years and the move to $2.49 allows us to offer the same quality that has made the wine famous the world over.”

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