Homespun DeLorean hovers around SF Bay


The greater Bay Area caught “Back To The Future” fever last year when San Francisco grad student Matthew Riese appeared in McCovey Cove during a Giants night game in a hovercraft built from an old DeLorean sports car.

Heck, he might be the reason Brian Wilson cruised his scooter down King Street in Marty McFly worthy Nike MAGs.

Since then, Riese has taken his time-traveling device all over the Bay. Its most recent sighting? Where else: Last weekend, hovering near the Golden Gate Bridge.

What started as a Kickstarter project back in the summer of 2010 resulted in 150 backers and $5,644—passing his goal of $5,500. With a modified hovercraft kit and help from supporters, Riese was able to make his 1985-inspired time machine out of scratch.

But it was the “time traveler’s” appearance out among the kayakers during a Giants game last August that has catapulted him to Bay Area stardom. He has since been featured PC Magazine and Make, and has his own YouTube channel.

His Twitter/Michael J. Fox alter-ego, @DavidLorean, claims to be “stuck in 2012 until I can find some plutonium.”

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