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Feral cat shot by arrow is getting better

Mondays suck. This is the story of one cat who found out the hard way.

A Briones resident found the feral feline, lovingly dubbed KFC, this past Monday morning with an arrow sticking out of its back.

The animal named for fried chicken-y goodness was hiding in a barn, presumably in search of shelter. He did not go quietly, according to the woman who found him, who did not return calls from the CoCo Times.

The woman took the scared, ailing kitty to Lafayette Animal Hospital, where vet staff said the arrow shot through his back miraculously missed his chest.

The animal services department of Contra Costa don’t know who shot the poor cat — perhaps a misguided Skyrim aficionado/obsessive — but police are looking to catch the person, according to Lt. Nancy Anderson.

The arrow shooter could face misdemeanor or felony animal cruelty charges depending on the decision of the county district attorney.

For now, KFC is doing well and is being taken care of. He is probably grateful, if not a little scared. He is currently spending most of his time hiding under a blanket at the vet’s office.

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