Harbaugh rocks backwards turtleneck


From my long list of favorite quotes from 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, the most poignant might be the instance in which he explains why he wears the same thing every day:

“I reduce a lot of drag by not having to choose what you wear every day.”

Hell might have to freeze over before you see Señor Harbaugh on the sidelines sporting anything other than his trusty Niners cap, black windbreaker, khaki pants and marker hanging round his neck like a golden medallion. Perhaps a few shirts layered underneath if it’s exceptionally cold outside.

But while bundled up in his everyday wears during last weekend’s NFC Divisional Championship game, TV cameras caught something a little out of place. Which is saying quite a bit, given the eccentric nature of the head coach.

Profile shots show Harbaugh clad in his usual black pullover, with a black turtleneck popping out underneath. Which wouldn’t mean much, except for the fact that said turtleneck appears to be on backwards.

Photos show the that the token Niner “SF” emblem is placed on the far-back-left portion of the turtleneck; an odd spot to be rocking your team’s colors.

But heck, some guys still wear sports caps backwards and tilted, so what do I know.

There has been speculation that the seemingly backwards frock is, in-fact, not backwards at all and simply a new style of team-wear by Nike or the like. But as of right now, no clothier has stepped forward to take credit as Harbaugh’s stylist.

Could it be that Harbaugh, the man that claimed to wear the same thing just about everyday, actually decided to change up his style?

Or was the Har-Badger so nervous about the match-up with the Green Bay Packers that he didn’t even notice that he put his turtleneck on the wrong way?

Or is this his secret way of telling all of us that he’s actually going to be the new face of Bud Light’s “Very Superstitious” ad campaign?

Whatever the reason, you know that the cameras in Atlanta next weekend will be less interested in Colin Kaepernick’s tattooed biceps and more focused on Jim Harbaugh’s neckline come game time.

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