Homegrown superhero buzzes Petaluma


Petaluma Batman emerges at nightfall, dressed in homemade gear to spread goodwill and engage in the occasional mock showdown around his hometown.

Petaluma’s own brand of Batman can be spotted around the North Bay city after dark, doing good deeds and hanging out with fellow masked heroes and villains. He has chosen to keep his identity a mystery to protect his family’s privacy.

Petaluma Batman told the Petaluma Argus-Courier that he’d be on the lookout for trouble, but that he doesn’t plan to partake in direct crime prevention:

“If I see something going on, I’ll let the trained authorities know, rather than take justice into my own hands.”

Petaluma Batman launched a Facebook page on Dec. 22, which has already attracted over 4,000 fans. On it, he posts about charitable events and upcoming fights he plans with local villains like Petaluma Joker and Catwoman.

His profile page says his purpose is “to serve, help, and enrich the lives” of Petaluma residents.

Only five of Petaluma Batman’s friends know his real identity. Recently, one of them dressed up as the Joker and staged a fight with Batman, entertaining onlookers.

Petaluma Batman told the Argus-Courier that as he gains notoriety, he hopes to host local charity galas and take part in Petaluma’s annual Butter and Egg Days Parade. But mostly, he wants to inspire good in his community.

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