Boalt dolt pleads guilty in exotic bird death


One of the UC Berkeley law bros accused of killing and torturing an exotic in Vegas has decided to fess up to his wrongdoing.

Eric Cuellar,24, pleaded guilty on Thursday in a Nevada for his misdemeanor charge of instigating or engaging in animal cruelty.

Cuellar and buddy Justin Teixeira,24, are accused of allegedly taking poor “Turk” the 14-year-old helmeted guineafowl at the Flamingo Casino and Resort in Las Vegas back in October and beheading him.

The two were seen by casino surveillance video chasing Turk around the wildlife habitat at the cans, then later emerging from the trees with the Turk’s lifeless body and decapitated head. Oh, they were also supposedly laughing menacingly while throwing around Turk’s body. Sounds evil.

Cuellar was sentenced to 48 hours of community service and an alcohol counseling class, and ordered to pay a total of $350 in fines and restitution to the Flamingo resort.

Since Cuellar is a law student, the California State Bar requires that applicants demonstrate good moral character. It is unknown when and if Cuellar will still continue his law career after being convicted of animal-hating crime.

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