AT&T Park most-Insta­grammed stadium in 2012


The 2012 San Francisco Giants created million of memories for you, their diehard, loyal fans.

And you transmitted many of those memories via Instagram.

According to Instagram, AT&T Park was the fifth most-Instagrammed place in the world during 2012.

The Giants home has earned its reputation as the most picturesque venue in not only baseball, but in all of sports. No other stadium provides the spectacular backdrop that the San Francisco Bay lends to the ballpark.

No other sports venue in the entire world had as many filter-crazed fans upload photos of it to the picture-sharing site. The only other sports venues to make Instagram’s list were Dodger Stadium and the Staples Center in Los Angeles. But just like recent history, the Giants beat the Dodgers.

The brick facade and open, inviting feel of the ballpark make it baseball’s iconic cathedral.

Everybody wants a photo of it — and a photo of themselves posing arm-in-arm with the majestic stadium.

Giants fans rightfully put AT&T Park on display for the whole world to see. You are spoiled by being able to go to such a beautiful stadium at least 81 times a year.

Other stadiums might have the charm of being built a century ago, but none of them are as beautiful as AT&T Park.

Job well done, Giants fans.

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