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  1. A good journalist should check his sources. Hydraulic Fracturing did not cause the tap water in the film to catch fire. The natural gas in their tap water occurs naturally. The gas was tested and determined to not be from the the gas wells, but naturally occurring sources in the area.

    Hydraulic Fracturing does not put Chemicals into the water table. The gas formation is thousands of feet below the water table. The drill must penatrate the water table to get to the gas, but like all wells these are cased in steel and cement before the use of high water pressure. If there was a path to the water table, hydraulic fracturing would not work, the excess pressure would bleed off and you would not be able to open the rocks in the formation and get the oil and gas out resulting in a waste of the $5 + MM investment. Millions of wells have been drilled without contaminating the water table. The Industry has established excellent guideline for safe and effective drilling and fracking.

    This could be a huge benefit for the State of California and the United States. At one time California was the largest oil producer in the US. This could reduce the cost of gasoline in California benefiting every driver.

    Don’t let those that spread fear scare you with the very small possibilities of this or that. Low cost energy has done more to improve the quality of life for every American than any Government Policy. Allow capitalism to work.