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Zoo penguins croon for Christmas

Who’s black and white, really cute, and smells vaguely of fish? A bunch of penguins from the San Francisco Zoo, of course.

A cleverly-crafted video of caroling penguins was produced to welcome visitors to “San Francisco Zoo Lights,” a nighttime celebration of animal-themed holiday cheer beginning next Saturday at 4 p.m.

Five bucks for adults and kids will get you free carousel rides plus hot apple cider and cocoa. What it won’t get you is parking. That’s $5 extra in the Zoo lot, or free if you’re willing to hike in from Sloat Boulevard.

We’re not sure whose idea it was to feature the adorable waterbirds belting out their version of “Jingle Bells,” but it does beg the question which featured creatures will next make their singing debuts. The beetles? Or maybe the monkeys.


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