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Pepper spray poster has Frjtz patrons pissed

French fries are amazing. Period.

There is nothing like the undeniable tug at a hungry belly when you’re craving French fries. So imagine the unparalleled temptation caused by Frjtz on Valencia, with their cracked-out potato sticks and wild array of dipping sauces.

My personal fave: The white truffle artichoke sauce. Or maybe I like the bacon mayo better. Oh gosh, I can’t pick a favorite.

Being a fan of Frjtz and its plethora of tasty sauces, my ears instantly perked up upon hearing that they were in a bit of hot water for its choice of advertising, to the point that there have calls for a boycott of the restaurant on social media fronts.

Seriously, I thought, how can a fry joint get into trouble for a poster promoting all its delicious-ness?

According to SFist, the Mission district staple has come under fire for a poster promoting its new dipping sauce. The ad-meme uses a cut-out image of the UC Davis cop who pepper-sprayed peaceful student protestors last November, as the centerpiece for its meyer lemon hot sauce promo.

For the record, SFBay does not support police brutality in any way, shape, or form. And the incident in question has led to Davis awarding each student involved nearly a million dollars for their pain.

But being that this isn’t the first time that any of us have seen a parody of the incident, I didn’t give my first glance of the poster much thought.

Occupy supporters and other fry patrons, however, aren’t going to disregard the advertisement, and are becoming vocal of their distaste for it. Some have even taken to Facebook and Twitter to suggest a boycott of the restaurant.

An employee at the restaurant told SFist that Frjtz is aware of the backlash. But as far as we know, the poster hasn’t been pulled.

So the next time I’m craving Frjtz, am I going to have to cross some loud picket line and risk being accused of supporting police violence just because I want fries and Habanero cranberry sauce?

For the love of French fry cravings, let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that.

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