Muni honors driver of torched bus


Anyone with Internet access has seen multiple photos of the Orange-and-Black swarm that took over downtown San Francisco after the Giants swept in Detroit Tigers in four games to win the 2012 World Series.

Most everyone who has seen these photos knows about the celebration’s biggest casualty: A Muni bus that was bashed and set on fire after being trapped in the celebrating crowd.

Unfortunately for the Muni coach, The City will not be resurrecting it from the pile of twisted bus that it has become.

The bus’s driver, however, is getting a nod from The City for keeping his cool as things heated up and directing his passengers to safety.

SFGate tells us driver Alan Yam, a two-year Muni employee, will be publicly honored Tuesday by the SFMTA for maintaining his calm and keeping the passengers riding the 8X-Bayshore Express bus unharmed.

A mob overtook the bus as it was traveling down Market Street. Yam told authorities he had initially told passengers to remain seated, but quickly changed his mind as the rowdy crowd — who I am embarrassed to say, call themselves Giants fans — started bashing in the windows. Yam was able to get passengers out before the coach was torched.

The bus had just been refurbished last year for $300,000. Damages to the bus shot up to $700,000, a figure Muni insurance doesn’t cover.

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