This Week In Orange: Ta-ta for now


It’s hard to believe, Giants Nation. But it is time to hang the tutu up for a couple months. Our season has come to a close.

I know some of you out there are still finding pieces of confetti stuck to you from yesterday’s parade.

Heck, maybe you’re like me and still can’t believe that we swept the Tigers!!

Better yet, maybe you’re still recovering from whatever celebrating you did on Sunday night and slept straight through Halloween!

Not that I needed recovery time. *wink wink*.

Whatever the case may be, we got a last look at our World Champions yesterday on the steps of City Hall before everyone packs up for the winter.

Now, you all know I’m not one to get all philosophical and faux-profound when I write to you guys. Especially since some of you know me personally and know I don’t have the ability to take myself seriously for than five seconds at a time.

And all profound speeches should be left up to Hunter Pence to make anyways, right?

But I can say with all the sincerity in the world, that it has truly been wonderful sharing the 2012 baseball season with all of you. And it has certainly been a privilege to post up at my prone-to-freeze 2006 Dell laptop late Thursday nights so I can prep you guys for drinks and bar convo on Friday morning.

Frankly, my schedule these next couple of months is going to feel pretty empty without gabbing to all of you other orange-and-black bleeders out there.

I’m sending a big — dare I say it and sound cheesy, but a Giant — “thank-you” to all of you readers who have supported both myself and the rest of the SFBay community as we followed the San Francisco Giants on a roller coaster season only they could provide for us.

No other team on the planet could’ve overcome season-altering injuries, roster-shifting scandals, and down-right-scary elimination games and still come out World Champions.

On that note, I want to send a big fat “thank-you” to the Gigantes, wherever they all are at the current moment, for making my job so much fun.

But fear not, Readerland!! See?! I can’t stay serious for that long!! Just because baseball season has drawn to a close doesn’t mean that this is arrivederci!

I will check in occasionally throughout the off-season to look at how healthy everyone is staying, and give updates on whether Scutaro, Pagan, Pence and Affeldt are staying in the City By the Bay.

Plus, we’re also halfway through a very exciting football season, and Sunday football is always up for discussion!

And, if you guys really can’t make it all winter without me, I’ll be covering the San Francisco Bulls, so feel free to drop by the Cow Palace and say hi!

Note: Live game coverage means we can’t post up at the bar and drink pre-game, but we can always do brewskies at last call.

For the last time in the 2012 baseball season:

The tutu has spoken.

P.S. Three months until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training.

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