Police arrest alleged World Series Muni vandal


San Francisco police have arrested 22-year-old Gregory Tyler Graniss in connection with vandalizing a Muni bus following the Giants’ World Series victory over the Detroit Tigers Sunday night.

Graniss, a resident of San Francisco, was booked into county jail on charges on felony vandalism and injuring or destroying a transit passenger vehicle.

Police arrested 35 people Sunday night, with arrests ranging from public drunkenness to barrel bombs and recklessly shooting a rifle out a window, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr said.

Troublemakers overturned cars, stopped traffic on Market Street and broke the windows of several Muni buses. They also set bonfires in the middle of the streets and kept fueling them by throwing furniture and garbage cans.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee was truly appalled, however, by the burning of a bus:

“Burning a municipal bus that cost the city almost $1 million? We’re going to have to compensate for that and find ways to which we pay for that as a city.”

Suhr said since he and his command staff did not expect the 70 bonfires, there wasn’t an adequate plan to deal with them:

“If we could have known that the fire was going to be an issue to the degree that it was, we would have formulated the plan that we have now going in as to what the fire department felt would be a safe circumstance for them to get in more rapidly.”

The district attorney’s office said they are prosecuting nine of the 11 cases it has received so far, most of which are felonies that range from assaulting police officers to stealing an iPhone.

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera says he’ll take the vandals to civil court:

“We will go after you civilly and seek any restitution in damages coming out of your pocketbook.”

Police will be out in full force for Wednesday morning’s parade honoring the Giants, which will begin at 11 a.m. at the foot of Market Street and make its way to Civic Center for a closing ceremony.

A police-fire strike force will be on hand to prevent any hijacking and torching of Muni buses, while patrol cars will also have fire extinguishers.

Suhr said he and his officers will be ready for the parade and because of zero tolerance for booze, anybody consuming alcohol can be ticketed:

“If someone has an open container, it’s going to be seized or dumped.”

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