Nudity ban protest set to flash City Hall


Most of the greater Bay Area is aware there will be a parade on Wednesday to celebrate the 2012 World Champion San Francisco Giants.

And yes, I did purposely spell out that whole title just to rub in what an insane fan I am.

What a lot of people don’t know is that, the day before the parade and ceremony, the area in front of City Hall will also be filled with tons of people.

But instead of a sea of Giants gear, there’s going to be a sea of nakedness.

Yes, a lack of apparel.

That’s because there are quite a few people not too happy with the ban on public nudity that Supervisor Scott Wiener is proposing. And to show just how pissed off they are, a couple hundred — or thousand, I’m really not sure how many people are going to be involved in this shindig — are going to flash City Hall in protest.

Should the ban go into effect, it would limit public nudity to “special events,” such as fairs and festivals and all other San Fran extravaganzas that call for a flesh-fest. Evidently, there are enough nude-ys out there that don’t want to be limited to how often they can walk around without clothes on.

According to pro-nude blog, there was a “pre-party” Saturday in the Mission to make signs for the event. And tomorrow, following the skin-fest, there is a proposed after-party with a DJ and all.

Crowded party full of naked protesters. Only in San Francisco.

Supervisor Wiener first proposed the ban back on October 2 in response to the growing number of naked men that occupy Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro.

Wiener, whose jurisdiction includes the neighborhood in question, told the board of supes that the problem has been developing over his two years in office and that nudity at the intersection of “Castro and Market has achieved a critical mass where there are naked guys there seven days a week.”

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