Angel Pagan dishes out free tacos


If you were one of the millions of people watching the World Series last week, then you may remember that Taco Bell promised free Doritos Los Tacos if any player stole a base in the series.

As Taco Bell put it, Giants outfielder Angel Pagan “had the guts to steal a base” in the eighth inning of Game 2.

To hold up his end of the deal, Pagan accepted an invitation to pass out free tacos at the Redwood City Taco Bell Tuesday afternoon. After the Twitterverse got word that Pagan would be in Redwood City, hundreds of people showed up to get their hands on a free taco.

With a line stretching around the block past the nearby adult book store, a tired-looking Pagan continued to hand out tacos to excited fans.

If you haven’t grabbed your free taco yet, Taco Bell is still giving away free tacos until 6 p.m. today at participating stores, although we can’t promise Pagan will be there until then.

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