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Sandcastles like you’ve never seen them before

And so castles made of sand

fall in the sea


 — Jimi Hendrix, “Castles Made of Sand”

OCEAN BEACH — Jimi was right.

The sandtastic creations so artfully brought to life by school kids and volunteers Saturday on Ocean Beach are little more than lumps at the water’s edge today.

But don’t despair.

SFBay Director of Photography Scot Tucker captured the entirety of Leap’s 29th Annual Sandcastle contest in a series of time-lapse images.

From the ebb and flow of water haulers to the carving and shaping of wet sand, the entire six-hour event unfolds before your eyes in just a bit over two minutes.

And for those who prefer living life in the round, we present a fully-immersive 360-degree panorama capturing teams hard at work just after the sun cleared away the Ocean Beach fog.

Click and drag in the image to rotate your view, and click the checkmark at the bottom of the image to view full-screen.

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