Police suspect ‘rampagers’ used bath salts


Vallejo police have identified two men accused of a highly-drugged — and unclothed — rampage Sunday.

29-year-old Jeremiah Moore and his partner, 28-year-old Jason Jessie, were identified Monday following an incident on Saturday that Vallejo authorities say was hallucinogen-driven, possibly a sign that the deadly “bath salts” cocktail has made its way to the Bay Area.

Investigators told CBS-SF Vallejo police began receiving calls around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning that two men were running around naked and breaking car windows on the 2500 block of Alameda Drive.

Moore allegedly emerged from the house — which is reported to have been filling with smoke — and pointed a rifle at one of the officers. Another officer shot Moore, who later died at a hospital.

Jessie was subsequently arrested and placed under arrest on suspicion of battery on an officer and obstructing an officer.

In addition to Moore and Jessie’s erratic behavior and smoky household, three beheaded birds were found in the couple’s backyard.

Early investigative work has led authorities to believe that hallucinogenic drugs were a factor in the incident.

As odd as the scenario Sunday morning might have seemed, this is just one of several recent calls the Vallejo police have received about residents have engaged in “drug-fueled rampages.”

While an exact substance hasn’t been identified yet, investigators are worried it could be bath salts, the synthesized psychoactive drug that has led to a series of violent — often zombie-like — incidences in other parts of the country. (Ahem, Florida.)

Worry about the drug’s presence in the state of California started as early as June, when the Bay Citizen linked the drug with incidents of unusual suicides.

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