Nude man fatally shot in bizarre Vallejo arson


Fresh from today’s police blotter comes a bizarre tale of a Vallejo arson and a potential animal sacrifice that left one man dead.

About 1:30 a.m. Sunday, Vallejo police received a report of two men arguing and trying to burn their house down. When the police arrived to the 2500 block of Alameda Drive, they found broken car windows and a naked man escaping into a house.

As they confronted the naked man, a second naked man emerged from the back of the house wielding a rifle, said police.

The 29-year-old man pressed the rifle barrel against an officer’s stomach, which prompted another officer to shoot him down.

The Vallejo Times-Herald reports a neighbor told them she heard someone screaming “put the gun down!” repeatedly before hearing shots fired.

According to CBS SF, officers discovered the house on fire as they took the men into custody. Other policemen followed a trail of blood into the backyard, where they found a recently slaughtered animal.

The man shot by police was later pronounced dead at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. His housemate — a 28-year-old whose name has not been released — is currently booked in jail.

Marvin Clouse, a next-door neighbor, confirmed to SFGate the men were a couple, and guesses the slaughtered animal was a pet chicken or duck.

He believes the man taken into custody, a Wicca practitioner, may have gone off his schizophrenia medication:

“He thought he was the Messiah or something. He would say, ‘I’m God, (my partner) is God, we’re going to save things and the storm is coming.'”

The case has led investigators to suspect another explanation: drugs.

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