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Max Wade to stand trial on six charges

Let’s be real. We all remember our teen years where we did really, really, really stupid things.

But when we heard about teenager Max Wade and his alleged gun-slinging, car-stealing shenanigans, we felt like our nights of “cool” house parties and older siblings buying us booze maybe weren’t so bad after all.

Especially since none of us are going to trial for theft and attempted murder as an 18-year-old.

Wade appeared before a Marin County judge Monday morning, who ruled he would stand trial on six charges related to the case.

Judge Kelly Simmons ruled that there was sufficient evidence for a trial. Wade’s attorney asserted there isn’t enough evidence against his client; the prosecution thinks otherwise.

In the meantime, Wade will remain in custody with bail set at a staggering $2 million.

The accusations against Wade stretch back more than a year and half, when Wade is accused of allegedly breaking into an exotic car dealership in San Francisco in 2011 and stealing a $200,000 Lamborghini.

Wade allegedly rappelled down from the roof — Mission: Impossible-style — and snagged the bright yellow luxury ride, which belonged to famous TV foodster Guy Fieri.

The car would not be linked to Wade until an attempted Mill Valley shooting on April 13 of this year where victims identified Wade as the gunman.

One of the alleged victims, Mill Valley teen Eva Dedier, testified she knew Wade because he had supplied her and others at her school with fake IDs, and was seen — drum roll please — driving a yellow Lambo.

After the shooting, authorities tracked Wade to a storage unit in Richmond, where they allege Wade kept the car, a motorcycle, weapons and ammo, numerous fake IDs, and other suspicious items.

Judge Simmons dismissed two counts against Wade relating to his arrest in Richmond in which he allegedly stole a loaded gun and tried to pull it on detectives. The prosecution may choose to file those at a later time.

A trial date will be set at a later hearing.

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