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This Week In Orange: Cardiac Arrest

How are your tickers, Giants Nation?!?

Because I’m pretty sure that mine stopped a couple of times over the past few days. Straight tensed up and stopped.

If I have to be rushed to the hospital due to my heart bursting out of my chest, all of you will know it was because of the 2012 San Francisco Giants and all the insanity they bring to a single ballgame.

And that’s not even including the fact that they made history by becoming the first NL team to clinch with three victories on the road.

Next stop on the cardiac caravan: Game 1 of the NLCS this Sunday, although we don’t know yet if we’ll be at home facing the St. Louis Cardinals or in DC to face the Nationals. Their LDS series is currently tied 2-2.

So as is customary at times like this, pull up that bar stool and order yourself whatever orange-colored drink you desire. Heck, order three drinks for yourself, it’ll get your heart-rate down while we discuss that psychotic NLDS and move on to the next red-clad team:

The Winna’: Honestly, there are so many winners from this series I have almost gladly lost track.

Angel Pagan’s lead-off home run in Game 4 and killer catch in Game 5. Gregor Blanco’s Game 4 homer and perfect-game-mimicking catch in Game 5. Brandon Belt and Hunter Pence’s tumbling catches.

They might’ve jacked up my heart rate, but they were all worthy of that champagne shower Thursday afternoon.

The Losa’: Fans, there might not be any pitcher that I hate facing as much as Mat Latos. Not just because he seems to find the strike zone immediately when facing the Giants, but because of his belligerent hatred for my favorite ball club.

Watching Buster Posey hit a grand slam off of him might be a sports moment that I will never get over.

And, as my Dad put it as dryly as possible: “It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.”

La Grande Salami: Whether you were watching the game on TV or listening to it on the radio, you know what I’m talking about: I’ve never heard a fan-base get as quiet as the Cincy crowd did when Buster Posey hit that grand slam.

MVP voters, eat your hypertensive hearts out.

The WTF: I don’t  know why Bochy keeps putting Santiago Casilla on the mound. I just don’t.

I’m sure each game would still be stressful. But heck, it wouldn’t be as white-hair-creating if I had trust in the guy coming out of the bullpen.

The Longest At-Bat On The Planet: I’m not entirely sure exactly how many pitches Jay Bruce fouled off before Sergio Romo sent him back to the bench. But it felt like two million. That spoke volumes. And pumped more adrenaline through my body than is healthy.

The Freak-a-licious: Big time Timmy Jim was a-mazing. Out-standing. Game-winning.

I’m the last person to say that “he looked like the ‘old’ Timmy,” but hey. . . he kinda did Wednesday when he came in to relieve Barry Zito. He was in true “F-YEAH” form.

So maybe Lincecum should just never know when he’s being sent out to pitch. Not tell him he’s pitching until he gets to the ballpark.  Just so he doesn’t have enough time to think about it. Just sayin’.

The Motivational Speaker: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m all for Hunter Pence getting his Ray Lewis on and pumping everybody up in the dugout before the games.

It’s something you don’t typically see in baseball. And whatever he’s saying seems to be working.

You can find me on Facebook at “You Know You Bleed Orange & Black When. . .” to chat about the games, share memes and videos, and as always give a shout-out to the TuTu.

In the meantime, let’s have a couple celebratory cocktails and call it a day. I’m beat.

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