This Week In Orange: Call it a comeback


You know me, Giants Nation. I like to sum things up with song titles and lyrics whenever I can.

And for our final Friday bar-side for the regular season, I spent a bit of time trying to find a song-and-or-lyric that could perfectly encompass the past six months for the 2012 San Francisco Giants.

The Long And Winding Road” by The Beatles? Meh, too profound. I’m too catty to be that serious for a whole article.

The Best Is Yet To Come” by Ol’ Blue Eyes? Would fit the whole “K-Pack” poster promo from a couple months back, but it doesn’t really fit the young party style of the current club.

Before you ask me; no, “Gangnam Style” was not an option, no matter how funny it is to see Jon Miller and Dave Fleming dancing up in the KNBR booth.

I thought: Watch a team that’s Chris Haft aptly dubbed “resilientclinch the NL West with a little regular season to spare to prove all their East-Coast-centric critics and all teams overly eager to empty their bank accounts wrong?!

Hmmmm. I think “Mama Said Knock You Out” is the perfect hahahaha in the faces of the Giants doubters.

And it’s a good party song; something a young hand-signal creating, ski-goggle-sporting, champagne-showering squad can proudly bump through the speakers.

But feel free to alter LL Cool J’s opening lyric and, by all means, do call it a comeback. Our boys in orange-and-black have fought hard all year to get another shot at the post-season. And before they do, they have to close out the season in Southern California against the San Diego Padres, and yes, those guys in Los Angeles.

So order yourself a Konig Pilsener — for a little Orange Oktoberfest love — and let’s call it a freaking comeback already:

San Diego: Just because the Padres aren’t post-season bound doesn’t make this weekend’s series any less important. They’re still pushing for a winning season, and a winning record against the entire NL West for 2012.

And they probably aren’t too happy that we clinched our second division win against them in two years. Just sayin’.

This is also when Bruce Bochy will likely work out the starting pitching rotation, and make some final decisions on what the playoff roster might look like.

Los Angeles: Okay fine, I’ve made it a couple of weeks now without using their name, but I guess now I have no choice since we have to play the Dooooodgers starting Monday down at Chavez Ravine.

The Dooooooodgers are currently three games back behind the St. Louis Cardinals in the hunt for a wild card spot. And without a doubt aiming to stomp on the Colorado Rockies over the weekend before the Giants get there.

Not to mention they’re probably still crying over us beating them the last two series we’ve met up — one of which was a sweep in their own house — and not being able to buy themselves a championship and blaaaaaaah blah blaaaaah blah blaaaaaaaah.

We might not know who our starting pitchers will be next week, but that’s okay. We can reconvene on Monday and talk all about what we can do to shut the Dooooooooooodgers up for good this season.

Hop on to Facebook and join “You Know You Bleed Orange & Black When. . .” to chat with other Giants faithful, post obnoxious LA-bashing memes, or shoot a friendly “hello” to this tutu-wearing crazy person. And, by all means, feel free to call it a freaking comeback!!

Peace, Love and A Very Orange October.

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