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Scooter sharing beats traffic, saves planet

If you’ve ever wanted to ride into your job in The City or to a Giants game with the wind blowing through your hair atop a snazzy red scooter, now you can.

San Francisco just launched the first-ever shared electric scooter network today.

In true San Francisco form, the project was originally designed to be environmentally-friendly and ease traffic. But don’t worry. You can still use it to look like a boss.

Apparently, there’s an app for that, too. The system will only be available to iPhone and Android users who download a special app that starts the engine once the phone is inserted.

Sorry, Blackberry users — if there’s still any of you out there.

Scooters may be rented at the following locations:

  • Fourth and King streets (Caltrain station)
  • The parking garage at Fifth and Mission streets
  • The garages at Ninth and Bryant streets
  • The garages at Second and Brannan streets

These remarkable little machines can race along at 30 mph and only cost 18 cents worth of power to operate per hour — but will set you back $5 an hour to rent. Ouch.

Those looking to rent must create an account first, then they’re set to ride.

Michael Keating, CEO of Scoot Networks, which owns and rents out the scooters said that he believes users will get hooked on riding around town and potentially cutting corners during their daily commutes due to the small size of the scooters:

“Once you have a shortcut to anywhere in the city, you don’t want to go back.”

Already among its Rolodex of members is Mayor Ed Lee himself.

More information on the scooters and becoming a member is available on Scoot Networks‘ website.

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