Lincecum’s next start? Who knows


All of you out there in Giants Nation know how annoyed I get when fair-weather fans try to say that the boys in orange-and-black are “repeating 2010.”

Because — need I repeat — this is not the same team or the same circumstances.

One great example of the difference? Bochy actually has time to figure out his starting pitching rotation.

The Giants’ skipper announced Wednesday it was still to-be-determined whether Tim Lincecum would start in his usual rotation spot on Sunday down in San Diego versus the Padres.

This could be seen as one of two things: Bochy really is shuffling his starters around, or Timmy’s lackluster performance Tuesday night against Arizona has done damage to his chances of starting in the post-season.

Bochy hasn’t said whether The Freaky Franchise — who seemed to have found command of the strike zone before his poor start Tuesday — is being scratched or not.

What we do know is that Boch’ might be putting in new guy Yusmeiro Petit, who got the start against the Padres last Sunday while the regular starters got to kick back in their hangover-hiding shades and champagne-soaked NL Division Champ sweatshirts.

Bochy said of Petit:

“It’s nice to have a starter here who you can put in there to give you some innings so you don’t have to chew through your bullpen.”

Following a shutout Wednesday courtesy of The Work Horse himself, Matt Cain, the rest of the rotation will remain the same. Barry Zito pitching the last home game of the regular season Thursday, and Ryan Vogelsong and Madison Bumgarner to kick off last leg of the season down in Southern California.

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