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B-Weez shows off manicure to fans

I’m telling you, Giants Nation, I need to make a Pinterest board strictly dedicated to Brian Wilson’s fashion sense.

Señor Beardsly already nabbed the Bay Area reader public’s attention last week when he “hover-boarded” his way down 2nd Street in “Back To The Future”-worthy Nike MAGs.

But he caught the attention of photo-taking-fanatics yet again when he rocked orange-and-black nail polish while signing autographs before Sunday’s Giants game.

SFist posted the picture Monday of Wilson — clad in flat-brimmed trucker hat and tee-shirt ripped to the point of being a spaghetti-strapped top — signing baseballs with neon-orange and black-striped mani-job.

At first, this might not sound all that shocking. I mean, baseball players coloring their digits isn’t uncommon. Catcher Hector Sanchez — several catchers around the league, for that matter — has been seen rocking neon nails during games as opposed to wrapping fingers with tape or using WhiteOut.

But B-Weez isn’t a catcher. He isn’t rocking a bright-orange-with-black-accent-stripe manicure to make sure his Bar None buddies Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum can see him make calls from behind the dish.

And, as some of you have seen plastered all over my Giants-fanatic-friendly Facebook page, I’m no stranger to rocking a seriously festive mani-pedi for my Gigantes. I’ve painted white baseballs with orange stitching, scrawled black polish “SF”s with toothpicks, and free-handed 55s on my middle fingers in hopes of it getting The Freaky Franchise a W.

But Wilson is not a five-foot-four, tutu-wearing blond with enough time to do her own nails once or twice a week.

He’s just Brian Wilson, the man behind some very interesting style decisions.

And if those painted nails bring good juju and a fabulous play-off run, then paint on, oh Bearded One.

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