This Week In Orange: The Numbers Edition


Shock of all shocks, Giants Nation. This little blonde writer is terrible at math.

I mean, we’re talking God awful.

Like, I’d rather sit through a marathon of whatever that hick TLC show is than have to solve math problems.

How-ev-er, when it comes to things sports-related, numbers suddenly seem to be not-so intimidating.

Batting average is calculated by dividing the number of hits by the number of at-bats. A pitcher’s ERA is determined by the number of earned runs multiplied by nine, then divided by the number of innings pitched.

There are nine slots in a batting lineup, as there are nine defensive positions in and around the baseball diamond.

Willie Mays’ jersey number is 24, and Barry Bonds’ is 25.

And as of Thursday night, our San Francisco Giants were painting Lucky No. 3 on every social media outlet they have.

It’s an exciting time in Orange-and-Black country as we close in on October baseball. And, as is customary at this time of the week, we have lots and lots to discuss.

So pull up those bar stools and pour a couple blood orange martinis — yeah right, like math and booze ever go well together — and let’s look at a couple other numbers that are floating around out there:

12: As of Friday morning, the Gigantes will have this many games left in the regular season.

4: This would be the number of games in the past series in which we swept the Colorado Rockies.

3: The number of home-runs that the Kung Fu Panda has hit over the past two games. A dinger off the foul pole on Wednesday, and a pair during Thursday’s daytime match.

Perhaps the pressure of having a garden gnome fashioned after him was enough to get him out of his previous hitting slump.

.436: This, my friends, is Buster Posey’s batting average over the last 10 games. Which bests both Ryan Braun and Andrew McCutchen, Posey’s competition in the race for NL MVP.

Just sayin’.

27: The number of steals lead-off man Angel Pagan has for the season.

In addition to those impressive 14 triples, holding the record for the most single-season triples in Giants history.

13: The number of wins Barry Zito — yes, that’s right, Zito — has for the 2012 regular season.

6.1: What? Decimals? The Tutu doesn’t comprehend these decimal shenanigans!

Unless it relates to the number of scoreless innings Tim Lincecum pitched on Tuesday night.

In that case, bring those decimals on.

$6,000: Yes, this is the current price on eBay of the Nike MAGs Brian Wilson was seen sporting Marty McFly style while riding his scooter passed the ballpark this week.

8-4: The Giants record against the San Diego Padres this season, who we will face in six of our next nine games.

6: The number of home games left before the Giants close out the regular season on the road against the Padres, and those blue-clad guys that I’m still bound determined to not name.

So now that I have a full-blown headache from all this numerical madness, it’s time to start sending all our positive vibes to Ryan Vogelsong, who will be taking the mound on Friday night.

You are all welcome to hit me up at “You Know You Bleed Orange & Black When. . .” to talk a little September baseball.

Peace, Love and — as the great philosopher Sergio Romo would say — “That’s What’s Up.”

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