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Senseless cello theft caught on video

UPDATE 10:59 a.m. The stolen cello has been recovered, NBC Bay Area reports.

An attractive, dark-clad couple were caught on video entering and then burglarizing the San Francisco Conservatory of Music between concerts Sunday, absconding with a prized cello and leaving an entire community feeling violated.

Security footage shows the pair entering the conservatory, then using back stairs to gain access to upper floors. After appearing to search rooms and lockers for unsecured or valuable items, the couple can be seen scurrying out of a room and out of the building carrying the stolen cello.

The Bubenreuth cello belonged to 23-year-old Adam Young, a conservatory student and accomplished musician. Young told KTVU he lost not only his prized, very personal instrument, but a collection of his own music he carried with him:

“I carry a binder full of music in the back of my cello case. It has all original arrangements that I’ve done for my quartet to play.”

This isn’t the school’s first expensive theft. Last May, a $23,000 violin went missing from a practice room.

In that case, 27-year-old Scott Sylvester was arrested on Muni after turning the violin in to a priest at St. Mary’s Cathedral. He pleaded not guilty last May and was released by a judge while he awaits trial.

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