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NFL knocks Giants cap off Alex Smith’s head

Fans always appreciate it when players support the other teams in town. For example, on Tuesday night, a TV camera found a couple of San Jose Sharks players proudly sporting Giants gear in the stands at AT&T Park.

The NFL, though, isn’t in such a supportive mood.

The league has told 49ers quarterback Alex Smith that he can no longer wear his customary San Francisco Giants hat before and after a game.

Smith told the media on Wednesday that the NFL fined him $15,000 for wearing a Giants hat to the post-game presser after the 49ers dispatched of the Detroit Lions. Thankfully, the NFL made the wise decision to overturn the fine. But they did warn Smith that they won’t be so friendly the next time.

The Chronicle’s Eric Branch wrote that the NFL got its panties in a bunch because Smith was wearing “non-NFL-sponsored gear of a competing league.”

Why is this even a concern for the behemoth NFL? It’s a press conference. How many people actually watched it? Of the few that did, were any offended or bothered by Smith wearing a Giants hat? Gosh, I hope not.

The silly part about the dress code policy is that it applies 90 minutes before and after the game. Does the NFL have someone holding a stopwatch keeping track of the time? Is there an illuminated sign in locker room that alerts players when they can start wearing “non-NFL-sponsored” gear?

This is the NFL trying to police something that doesn’t need policing. Smith isn’t wearing anything offensive or inappropriate. On the field, I get this kind of policy. Off the field? Get over yourself, NFL.

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