Will somebody keep this drunk off the road!?


We teach our children not to drink and drive.

We put D.A.R.E. education in their elementary schools. We make them participate in “Every 15 Minutes” to scare into not wanting to drink at all. We take away their scholarships and extracurricular privileges when they are caught driving under the influence.

What we aren’t telling our kids is that there are still stupid people out there that are multiple DUI offenders that don’t seem to learn anything from past arrests and drunk driving charges.

Such is the case for 31-year old Silvestre Resendiz-Resendiz of San Rafael, who was booked on felony DUI charges after — drum-roll, please — being pulled over for driving drunk for the fourth time since 2005.

Let me repeat that for you. Fourth. Time.

CBS-SF reports that CHP pulled Resendiz-Resendiz over a little after 3:30 AM after he rolled a stop sign in Corte Madera. Upon checking his license with DMV, police found DUI convictions on his record in 2005, 2006 and 2009.

But wait! There’s more!

Following his arrest early Sunday morning, police found that Resendiz-Resendiz’s license had been suspended twice in 2006. And then revoked in 2009.

Yes, revoked. Fool was on probation until next 2013.

How this guy was still on the road driving is anybody’s guess. And how he wasn’t up-to-date on the California state laws regarding drunk driving penalties is beyond me.

Any classroom currently offering D.A.R.E. to its youngsters might want to consider using this Resendiz-Resendiz character as an example. Perhaps tape his mug shot up to the white board and say:

“Hey kids, this guy is a fool. Don’t end up with your mug shot on a future classroom’s wall.”

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