‘In Bed’ brings trend, quirk to Hayes Valley


In my book, any shop with a sexy name deserves to be checked out.

Even if you don’t necessarily like what said shop is selling you. A store front banner with serious innuendo tends to lead to amazing possibilities inside.

Lo and behold, there is more to new Hayes Valley conceptual dual-store In Bed than just a steamy name.

Sure, the new space-holder at 597 Hayes is the product of H.D. Buttercup, the trendy-licious furniture retailer that makes shopping at IKEA look like an amateur sport.

But In Bed, with its specialty in all furnishings sleep-oriented, is upping the quirkiness factor by sharing its shop space with a high-end florist.

And we aren’t talking about any little ho-hum flower shop either. In Bed will be lending its backroom/showroom space to Louesa Roebuck, who’s credits range from arrangements for catering giant Peko Peko to a fundraiser earlier this year for President Obama.

Pretty flowers and organic bed sheets? Who would’ve thunk it. Store manager Carli Young toldĀ HayesWire:

“Hayes Valley is having another renaissance and we want to be part of it.”

If “being part of it” means taking H.D. Buttercup’s concept of stepping outside of the ordinary and incorporating a floral showroom behind displays of 100 percent Egyptian cotton bed linens, then In Bed has definitely mixed the perfect dose of trend and quirk to attract shoppers.

Keep in mind, to actually buy anything in this store, you need to have an extra 170 bucks lying around to blow on RakshaBella sheets. But heck, at least the space is pretty to look at. It’s like Anthropologie for big kids that don’t want to admit that they slept under a Target comforter into their early 30s.

In Bed opened its doors this past Saturday, but will be hosting a launch party some time during October. No word yet on what Roebuck’s hours in the shop will be like, but it will likely be at a time during the week when she’s “not working private events or weddings.”

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