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49ers dominate Packers, 30-22

Expectations were as high as they could possibly be on Sunday. Every analyst has the 49ers going deep in the playoffs. And when I say “deep,” I mean Super Bowl or bust.

There’s no way to know how far the 49ers will go after just one game, but so far, the 49ers exceeded expectations against the Packers.

Alex Smith and Frank Gore had their way with Green Bay’s terrible defense. And the 49ers defense completely eliminated the Packers’ running game. Even Randy Moss made an impact on the game, catching four passes for 47 yards and a touchdown.

A team that was still bitter that they came up short of reaching the Super Bowl looked like a team determined not to let that happen again this season. Yes, it was just the first game of the season, but Jim Harbaugh’s crew looks ready to pound any and all comers.

The on-field performance was impressive, but the feat of winning in Lambeau Field was just as impressive. With all the great 49ers teams to take the field, this was the franchise’s first win in Green Bay since November 4, 1990. And they beat a team led by the defending NFL MVP (Rodgers).

Smith talked about this after the game:

“Tough to come in on the road, opening day, loud place, a lot of things against you, us against them, and came out with a win.”

The 49ers were at the top of their game today. The replacement referees? Not so much.

And for those 49ers fans wondering what Aaron Rodgers would have looked like in a 49ers uniform might get their chance this week. Rodgers made a friendly bet with Boyz II Men singer Nathan Morris, a big 49ers fan. If the 49ers won, which they did, Rodgers would have to wear an Alex Smith jersey all week. We’ll find out if Rodgers is a man of his word.

Smith was asked about the bet:

“I did hear about the bet yesterday. Someone told me about it. So I’ll have to call him and get a picture of this.”

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