Kayakers will be cheesin’ in McCovey Cove


Grilled cheese food truck? Floating in the Bay!?

Shut. The front. Door.

Okay, I love me some grilled cheese. But I couldn’t in my wildest food-obsessed dreams have ever have concocted something so a-mazing.

So upon hearing that Bay Area grilled cheese chain The Melt is joining the great SF food truck movement and getting Giants fans in on the action, I must say, I was quite excited.

The first of many Melt buses will be put on a barge Sunday afternoon and floated out into the Cove to serve comforting cheese sammiches to feisty — and probably quite hungry — “Beat LA”-cheering Giants fans.

And not just any Giants fans, the crazy kayakers that paddle out in McCovey Cove in hopes of catching a home run ball. Now, if they were only giving out free sandwiches like they did a couple weeks ago when they opened their new location in Berkeley.

These grilled-cheese-toting buses are already a step above the average food truck: The Melt is putting its order-ahead feature on wheels. You can send your order via computer or smartphone directly to the truck. Then, you just scan your order code at the bus window and pick up your melt. Yum.

So far, the location of the Melt’s first bus — set to hit the city streets Tuesday — has not been disclosed.

The Melt’s lofty goals are to launch nine food buses — that’s right, nine — and expand to 500 locations nationwide by the end of the year.

After serving Giants fans this weekend, could one of those locations possibly be a booth out in left field at AT&T Park?

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