Roaches shutter West Portal cafe


If you’ve ever visited West Portal’s Cafe For All Seasons, you’ve probably noticed its quaint brick exterior, blooming flower beds and overall charming atmosphere. You might even go so far as to call the joint classy.

But this week’s health inspection of the American-style restaurant came up some less savory findings. And by that, I mean totally gross.

Yup, cockroaches.

Among other health code violations, the city’s public health inspectors discovered colonies of the filthy creepy crawlies in the cracks and crevices of the restaurant’s walls at 150 West Portal Ave.

City officials quickly suspended the permit of the decade’s old establishment, which has temporarily closed its doors since Tuesday.

A hearing is scheduled on Tuesday where health inspector Ken Wong will meet with the cafe’s owner and discuss what the heck went wrong:

“We want to hear why (the restaurant) let the situation get so bad and what they plan to do to resolve the problem.”

Wong told CBS-SF that while the restaurant changed owners about five years ago, it has never had issues of this caliber since its founding in the 1980s.

Despite other big no-no’s uncovered by health inspectors — like improper food handling and hand-washing — Wong said he doesn’t want to see the cafe shut down.

The health department plans to work with the owner to remedy the pest problem, but the hardest task will be scrubbing this embarrassing fiasco from diners’ memories.

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