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Mission crowd corrals violent Jaguar driver

Whoa. What gets into people behind the wheel? Like the Jaguar driver at 17th and Harrison who witnesses saw beat a female driver bloody with a windshield wiper?

Bystanders told Mission Local a man in a blue Jaguar ran a stop sign on Harrison Monday afternoon, nearly hitting a woman in a black Honda SUV. When both cars stopped, the man jumped out of his car, ripped off one of the woman’s windshield wipers, and beat her repeatedly as she sat in her car.

Appalled witnesses approached the man, who tried to escape. Another driver blocked his car so he couldn’t drive away. The unruly man tried to get away again on foot, and was encircled by the crowd and held until police arrived.

The injured woman was bleeding heavily from her face when an ambulance arrived to treat her.

Police told Mission Local the Jaguar driver had been involved in an earlier assault a few blocks north on Harrison:

“The man’s motive in [either incident] is yet to be determined.”

We’d like to hope jerks like this get their driving privileges suspended for a good long time. But then, we might have another problem: Running into them on Muni.

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