Red Vines recall lead-laden licorice


We all have that one friend – heck, you might even be that one friend – that doesn’t bust out into fits of rage upon tasting black licorice.

And those folks are just plain crazy.

I’m so glad that everyone from my will-eat-anything neighbor, to my go-to tongue-and-cheek news hub SFist had the same reaction upon hearing that Red Vines recalled a whole lot of its black licorice due to excess amounts of lead: Good, because that stuff is so gross to begin with!

American Licorice Co. in Union City issued the warning Wednesday upon discovering that a shipment of black licorice twists labeled “Best Before 020413” contain “levels of lead that exceed state standards,” SFGate reports.

Now, I don’t know about any of you, but to me that sounds like there is an actual acceptable level of heavy metal in black licorice, according to the state.

Well no wonder it tastes like a #2 pencil, it has freakin lead in it!

The California Department of Health tells us that this batch of black twists could provide as much 13.2 micrograms of lead per serving. That, health officials say, is “twice the daily limit for children under the age of six.”

Now, it’s not even “gross” anymore – double levels of lead in candy? That’s just plain scary.

There is no word on how the mass amounts of lead got into the candy, but they have indeed issued the recall and asked that anyone who sees these packs of licorice on the shelf, with an expiry of “020413” should call the health department immediately. Or just stop being a crazy and quit black licorice altogether.

Whichever floats your boat.

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