Ice Cream Bar adds an actual bar


We’ve all had long days where we thought:

“You know what would go great with this ice cream? Booze.”

Places like Humphry Slocombe even put the booze IN the ice cream, so a strong case clearly exists for this combo.

Cole Valley’s Ice Cream Bar decided to step in a different direction and add a boozy bar to its yummy ice cream shop.

Wine and liquor will be on the menu — in addition to their phosphates, floats and milkshakes — starting Friday. A liquor license had been in the works for months.

A waiter at the establishment told Lower Haight blog Uppercasing that the shop has been busy every night recently and that the neighborhood is making them feel right at home.

It will probably get even busier on Friday when all the tired, hungry working folk get off and realize they can kick off their well-deserved weekend with a stiff shot or glass of wine.

Even though August hasn’t been the warmest month in The City, a drop of ice cream and a chocolate shake to complement a self-congratulatory drink sounds like it would hit the spot.

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