Melky Cabrera accused of wild cover-up scheme


If Giants fans still had any good thoughts about Melky Cabrera, those are about to go poof. Just like his career.

That’s because Cabrera tried to cover up his positive performance-enhancing drug test in an unbelievably stupid way, according to an investigation by the New York Daily News.

Brace yourself.

According to the Daily News, a member of Cabrera’s entourage, Juan Nunez, spent $10,000 to build a fake website to create the false impression that Cabrera had purchased a supplement he didn’t know would increase his testosterone levels.

The scheme was cooked up to take advantage of a clause in baseball’s performance-enhancing drug rules which opens a loophole if players ingest banned substances without their knowledge and with no fault of their own.

They allegedly tried to fool the FDA and investigators from MLB with a fake site in the investigators’ area of speciality. Good luck with that.

The Daily News quoted an anonymous source about the failed plot:

“There was a product they said caused this positive. Baseball figured out the ruse pretty quickly.”

What Cabrera and Nunez failed to factor into their plan is that the people they were dealing with are pretty smart. To attempt to sneak a new site by them seems pretty dumb.

It’s shocking to watch Cabrera’s career make a complete 180 degree change in such a short time. Just days ago, Cabrera was headed for a massive payday. Instead, his career has come crashing down:

We saw how cocky Cabrera could be on the field. Now we’re seeing how cocky he thought he could be off the field.

First, he thought he was sly enough to get his drug use past MLB’s new testing. Then, once he knew he had been caught, he felt the best plan of attack was to try to cover it up.

Cabrera can’t have a future with the Giants. The team couldn’t possibly consider bringing him back after all of this. And Cabrera has soiled his future with other teams.

You remember when Cleveland Cavalier fans burned their LeBron James jerseys after he broke their hearts? If you have a Melky jersey, you might want to consider the same.

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