Young Warriors GM pulls foot from own mouth


37-year-old Bob Myers, the first-year Warriors general manager, has some learning to do.

You don’t really need to put added pressure on your head coach to win this year. And if some silly reason you do do this, you sure as heck don’t tell the media exactly what you told your coach.

But that’s exactly what Myers did a few weeks ago. But apparently, he meant well when he initially made the remarks to Jackson.

Here’s what Myers told his coach:

“You’ve got something to work with. There is only one mandate for us: win

“[It’s] up to [the coaching staff] to go forward with this group.”

“I don’t know what your guys’ opinions are, but I don’t think it’s unfair to ask to go forward and do well with this group of players.”

Not the worst comments a GM could make, but some started interpreted his comments as a “win or else” mandate.

Now, it seems, Myers realizes he may have said some things he shouldn’t have. The Damage Control Train is running at full-speed.

CSN Bay Area talked with Myers about how his comments could be seen as putting undue pressure on Jackson to lead the Warriors to the playoffs this year:

“Ya, I know. I agree. I called Mark afterward. We’re all under pressure. When I called Mark, it was more about the way I said what I said. It was like ‘We all have something to work with now. We feel like we have a roster we can work with. I feel like we do; you feel like we do.'”

“[Jackson] didn’t take it in the context of: you better make the playoffs. I know that. I told him it’s being reported in this light. He said: ‘I’ve got no problem with that. I understand.'”

This was a small gaffe and both sides seem to be trying to blow it off as a misunderstanding, but Myers might want to run his statements by  an intern before he utters them.

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