This Week In Orange: Monday Special Exclusive


Well hello there, Giants Nation.

I know we don’t normally meet up so early in the week, but — as promised — this upcoming three-game series needs a discussion all its own that just can’t wait until Friday morning.

And after the roller-coaster ride we went on during yesterday’s game — ahem, Hunter “Techno Viking” Pence and his game-saving HR — everyone is extra jacked up to face Baby Bryce Harper and the NL East-leading Washington Nationals.

So turn off the Mamas & Papas rendition of “Monday Monday” and make like you’re heading into the weekend with your favorite tutu-sporting blonde. Pull up that stool, pour yourself a martini — in honor of  Frank Sinatra night at the ballpark — and let’s get down to business:

Leave The Past In The Past: Yes, the Nationals swept us Independence Day week on their home turf. And they have the best road winning percentage in Major League Baseball (.639).

We’re never going to take at least two games in this series if we dwell on that. Moving. On.

And who better to lead us into battle against the boys from D.C. than Ryan Vogelsong.

Pitchers’ Duels: If Vogie isn’t the strongest contender for the NL CY Young this season I just don’t know who is. And heading into a series that will have a lot of focus on the match-up of pitchers, it has to make you feel confident having a guy with a 10-5 record and a 2.27 ERA.

Vogelsong’s performance in that 15-0 against the Cardinals last Wednesday didn’t hurt either. He, however, has not faced the Nationals yet this season.

Vogie will take the mound versus left-hander Gio Gonzalez (14-6, 3.32 ERA) who has only pitched against the Giants two newest acquisitions — Pence and Marco Scutaro — this season.

Tuesday night will see a face-off between Madison Bumgarner and Jordan Zimmerman. And Wednesday’s midday fete will feature the cheeseburger-inspiring Stephen Strasburg against my boy Timmy Lincecum.

(Note to Timmy: Lemme know if you need pre-game tacos. Or a joint. Whatever, I’ll stand on my freaking head if it helps you find that strike zone.)

Panda Sighting: After a well-played three-game rehab stint in San Jose, Pablo Sandoval is expected to return to the Giants lineup Monday night. The Panda is batting .229 with 8 HRs and 33 RBIs, and was on a hot streak before his most recent injury.

So please oh please, Pablo, please don’t try doing the splits again. We need you in the lineup.

Shoot me a message on Facebook at “You Know You Bleed Orange & Black When. . .” if you want to chat about the game. Good vibes only!

And if you should be going to the game and happen to get one of those super sweet K-Pack posters, feel free to send it my way. It would look epic on my bedroom wall.

Peace, Love and August Baseball!

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