This Week In Orange: Silver lining edition


I’m not happy, Giants fans. Not. Happy.

Our Giants just went 3-7 in their last 10 games, and only took one game out of a four-game homestand against the New York Mets.

The New York freaking Mets. At home.

And we aren’t even going to get back into the atrocity that took place last weekend, no sir-y Bob.

It’s been a bizarre week, and — unfortunately — a week that the acquisition of a certain beastly right-fielder couldn’t completely fix.

But in light of a piss-poor week at the yard, I’m going to try something new: Instead of rag on my favorite team for how tired and error-stricken they were this week, I’m going to look at the positives and into the future.

Yes, this is a This Week In Orange first. This tutu-sporting trash-talker is going to look at the glass-half-full in the light of what was definitely a glass-half-empty homestand. So pull up a stool, pour yourself a tequila sunrise and bask in my positivity.

(Because I’m pretty sure I’m never going to be this gung-ho and nice in the face of a bad week ever again.)

Snow White. . . : (For any of you that frequent the ballpark, you’ll know that this is what Tim Lincecum says would be his prison nickname if he was locked up at Alcatraz.)

Despite the fact that Tuesday’s game was in no way pretty, my man the Freaky Franchise got the win and lowered his ERA to 5.62. If he could be even more dominant than that this weekend in Colorado — which is too far away for me to personally deliver him tacos — I’ll be quite happy.

Despite his troubles this season, the Rockies (38-65) are collectively still 15-42 against Lincecum for the 2012 season.

See? Positive thinking. Silver lining.

. . . And The ‘Hunt’-sman: Right-fielder Hunter Pence really didn’t have a choice whether or not he likes us awesome Giants fans, because we gave the guy quite the reception when his plane from Washington D.C. finally touched down in the Bay.

Now, he hasn’t looked great in his first two games in a Giants uni, going 0-3 on Wednesday. Maybe because he isn’t used to foggy weather in August yet?

But hey! Silver lining time: Those hits of his that were caught in left field at AT&T Park could have been homers at Coors Field. So if he can put the bat on the ball that same way this weekend, we could be looking at some very serious offense from Pence.

In Vogie We Trust: If any pitcher can get us out of a slump, it’s Ryan Vogelsong. On top of his impressive 2.22 ERA, he is 4-0 in career starts against Colorado with a 1.70 ERA and 33 strikeouts.

And a solid performance from Vogie would give way quite nicely to Madison Bumgarner’s Saturday start; the newly 23-year-old leftie has a career 1.93 ERA against Colorado with 35 Ks.

More silver-ness and linings and stuff!

Aaaaaaand the Dodgers Still Suck: We might’ve just lost seven of our last 10 games, but the Dodgers got their cabooses handed to them by the Diamondbacks (54-51) and the Giants are still half a game in first place.

Okay, that was catty. But hey! Silver lining for us!!

I can’t do this whole positive energy thing by myself, sports fans. All of Orange & Black Nation needs to send good juju to our boys while they’re on the road. We need a victorious weekend all around in preparation for next week’s stint in St. Louis.

Peace, Love & All That Positive-Vibe Stuff.

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