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Chick-fil-A hate hacked onto Giants’ wall

So, are you tired of hearing about Chick-fil-A yet?

Because — let’s be real — aside from Ryan Lochte’s abs and one “Twilight” bum cheating another “Twilight” bum, our media outlets are overloaded with the fast-food chain’s political stance and the subsequent stand-offs that have spread quicker than NBC spoiler alerts.

Evidently, some computer hackers out there still haven’t gotten their fill of the Chick-fil-A fiasco. And they’re using our San Francisco Giants to throw more fuel on the fire.

Well, the Giants’ Facebook page anyhow.

A group of super hackers who infiltrated a handful of MLB teams’ Facebook accounts let their political flag fly in the form of a status update on the Giants’ Facebook page, proclaiming:

“Wow, the Chick-fil-A guy sure is an asshole.”

Rather timely, though hardly politically correct, given San Francisco’s greater political stance on the restaurant chain’s anti-gay proclamation.

SFist alerted fans of the update, but also let the public know that this was in no way an official statement from the Giants’ front offices.

The message could be brought to you by the same pirates extraordinaires — eat your hearts out, geeks — who posted on the New York Yankees’ Facebook page that team captain Derek Jeter was missing the rest of the year due to “sexual reassignment surgery.”

East Coasters Gothamist also reported that said pirates also posted “Fuck Bill Murray” to the Chicago Cubs’ wall. And — my favorite, because I’m a baseball nut — a message from the Washington Nationals proclaiming: “We’re going back to Montreal. SEE YA SUCKERS!!!!!!!”

Hackers also posted as the Miami Marlins with “Free Pitbull night,” and posted messages to the Padres’ wall saying that handicapped fans at San Diego games were “strongly discouraged.”

Disruptive? Yes.

Clever? Heeeeeeeeeeeeck yes.

And as for the Giants stance on Chick-fil-A?

I’m fairly sure most of those guys don’t eat fast food anyways. You know, aside from whatever keeps Pablo Sandoval so Kung Fu Panda.

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